Sunday, December 18, 2005


Well, I have been requested by the moderator of this blog, who has no bias towards nepotism whatsoever, I'm told, to begin posting on here, so I think I will.

For those who ask, I am Swizstick's long lost estranged brother, who he hasn't spoken to in a long time, and who whips my tail at most online games (just wait till Christmas pal). Anyways, was cruising the sites and saw this, a slightly over the top view of bradley's procurement, titled "My nightmare scenario". (scroll down if need be).

While Bradley may be famous for his on and off field antics, maybe playing in Oakland will tame him down, I'm sure if it was the Raiders the fans would do it for him. Having briefly read Bradley's life story, it seems we have some things to iron out with him, but he is talented, and really a good catch with the other trade. The A's roster is strong, and we haven't had a good soap opera style player saga since Canseco. Who knows, maybe it will bring the A's a little extra press. heh.


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