Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A's down 2-0 : Not looking too good

Street came into the 9th in a non-close situation and still gave up a HR. Like Loaiza, he too has been struggling with a mix of good and bad outings throughout September and on into the post-season. He may get the saves, but you'll have white knuckles watching him.

Blez spins things on a positive note, noting the explosive offense of Milton Bradley, but aside from Bradley nobody else did anything. Ok, so I almost overlooked the fact that Chavez hit a solo-HR in the 6th, but aside from that the A's middle of the order was unable to do any damage or get guys around the bases. At least they got to Verlander.

Next stop is Detroit and famed A's assassin Kenny Rogers. I feel confident with Harden on the mound, even with his last wild outing, and hope that he can keep the Tigers hitters off-balance and flailing. Harden will need to shut down the Tigers and the A's offense will have to find a way to eek out a couple of runs against Rogers.

It's not over yet, but that hill is starting to look awfully steep. If the A's can avoid grounding into double plays, hit just marginally better with runners in scoring position, and get at least average production from their middle of the order, then they should do just fine for games 3 and 4.


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