Monday, October 30, 2006

Mychael Urban on the next manager in Oakland and the future of Frank Thomas his weekly mailbag feature:

On the next manager:
I can't answer that question with even an ounce of certainty, so I won't. General manager Billy Beane generally doesn't tip his hand during negotiations, and that's what a managerial search is -- one huge negotiation. Last time I spoke to him regarding candidates, it was like he flipped into this heretofore unheard Robo-GM mode: "We'll take our time ... due diligence ... respect the process ... Erubiel Durazo ... OK, where was I?"

And that's his right. If anything, Beane's relative silence on the matter probably means that he doesn't have a front-runner at this point.

He too is partial to Ron Washington but notes that Beane often doesn't take the popular consensus into account when making decisions.

On the supposed $15 million deal to keep Thomas in Oakland for 2 years:
I have nothing to add but this: If that's really the deal, Thomas should take it and run. Not run hard, but take it and run. It's a good deal, and Oakland is a good place for Thomas right now.

He's also high on Blanton, as am I (I'll be commenting on Blanton in my pitchers' grades, which is currently in process).


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