Friday, January 20, 2006

Numerous Athletics named to rosters in the World Baseball Classic

I was checking out the rosters for the World Baseball Classic coming up in March and noticed a number of A's players are participating, although I was a bit surprised when I saw which countries they were playing for:

Kiko Calero - Puerto Rico
Eric Chavez - United States
Danny Haren - United States and Netherlands !? (I didn't know he or his parents were Dutch)
Esteban Loaiza - Mexico
Victor Moreno - Venezuela
Kirk Saarloos - Netherlands (Another Dutchman?)
Marco Scutaro - Italy and Venezuela
Huston Street - United States

And guess who else shows up on The Netherlands list? That's right, our very own Big Three power lefty, Mark Mulder!

I guess in Danny Haren and Marco Scutaro's case they are on both rosters in the hopes that if 1 team doesn't choose them the other will. From my understanding, the posted list is only a list of the players who have agreed to play if they are selected to play for their respective country's team. So what happens if someone like Danny Haren gets picked for both team's countries? He will have a big decision on his hands.

Half of me wants him to play for the Netherlands, Kirk Saarloos too. A lot of my friends and colleagues are rooting for the U.S., Dominican Republic, or Japan. Not one person I have spoken to have shown the slightest interest in The Netherlands. I have always liked the underdog and enjoyed rooting for them, so until The Netherlands plays the U.S., call me a fan of the Dutch! Go Saarloos, Haren, and Mulder! Not a bad rotation for the Dutch, eh?


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