Monday, October 30, 2006

Background on Bob Geren

Finally someone in the blogosphere has some useful information on Bob Geren, current bench coach for the A's and one of the internal candidates being considered for the manager's job:

A fellow San Diego native, Geren had been drafted by the Padres in 1979. A year later, though, Geren had been packaged with Rollie Fingers, Terry Kennedy, Gene Tenace to the Cardinals for a few players, including Nick Swisher’s father, Steve.

Like Beane, Geren had been snatched in the first round in 1979, a year before Beane was drafted. Geren is 45, and Beane is 44.

Like Beane, as a player, Geren’s statistics were far from impressive, and besides talent, both underachieved. A catcher most of his career with the Yankees and Padres, Geren batted .233 with 22 homeruns spanning five seasons (307 games). At 31, his career was over, though.

Beane and Geren’s career shouted a constant. Both were expected to excel in the majors, but both fell short. They can empathize with each other, and that's probably why they connect so well.

After joining the A’s organization in 1999, Geren managed the Modesto A’s, their Single-A affiliate, where he captured the California League Manager of the Year honors. For the next three seasons, he steered the Sacramento Rivercats to consecutive Pacific Coast playoff appearances, before becoming the A’s bullpen coach.


Based on this research, Professor has come up with this finding:

Beane wants Geren, and the pupils just the read reasons.

If Beane crowns Geren the next skipper, we will witness Mr. Moneyball's on-the-field shadow as never before.

Hat tip to Athletics Nation.


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