Friday, October 13, 2006

Rogers continues domination of A's

Once again Rogers dominates the A's in the third win by the Detroit Tigers in this ALCS.

Rogers, who brought a 21-7 career record against the A's into Game 3 and hasn't lost to them since September 2004, made 7 1/3 innings of two-hit work look easy while leading the Tigers to the brink of their first World Series appearance since 1984.

The A's have been playing from behind every single game. Macha's horrible management of his pitching staff through the first 2 games will come back to haunt the A's should they lose this series. Macha's laid back, steady-as-she-goes management style may work in a long 162-game season but it's worth jack in the playoffs. All year long he has consistently left starters in way too long and long after they got into trouble. He takes too long to get his bullpen warmed up and sometimes brings them in when it is already too late.

Haren is pitching a must-win tomorrow and has not looked too good throughout Sept/Oct. In his ALDS appearance vs The Twins he allowed 9 hits, a walk, 1 HR, and 2 earned runs over 6 innings. He got lucky. He also is sporting a 5.80 ERA for Sept/Oct so far with 7 HR allowed in just 35 innings. He needs to pitch like he did in May and June or get lucky like he did with The Twins to avoid any damage and salvage a win.

As to the offense, the middle of the order better get cranking tomorrow. Thomas and Swisher are both hitless in this series and Chavez has a measly 0.200 BA.

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