Monday, March 12, 2007

Javier Herrera optioned to AAA Sacramento and other news

I have a post up over at A Minor Consideration with a quick run down of the players from Spring Training who have been optioned to AAA Sacramento or Minor League Camp. Herrera has been optioned to Sacramento after spending the bulk of last season in low-A Kane County. From my post:

Touted as one of the A’s top OF prospects since he joined the A’s, I think it’s a combination of high expectations and the fact that the A’s are going to need all the OF talent they can get after this season. Bradley is in his walk year and his performance will most likely price him out of the A’s budget. Kotsay has a bad back, regardless of how successful the surgery is, and 2008 will be his last year with the A’s. Swisher is fine in either RF or LF, but I have a feeling he’ll be spending more time at 1B in seasons to come. Kielty will most likely be gone in 2008 as well, as there is only so much the A’s should be paying for a part-time lefty masher. And Stewart is most likely hoping he can win comeback player of the year which means he’ll go for the heaviest bidder in the offseason. Conclusion: the A’s are going to need all the OF help they can get in the near future.

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