Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Pastime: Round Table parts IV, V, and VI

It's been pretty quiet here at Condition Oakland, and the blame completely lies with Sid Meier and his latest incarnation of the famed Civilization franchise, Civilization IV. I am hopelessly addicted, much as I was when Civilization II came out years ago (I hated Civ III). Anyways, I am trying to stay away from the game this week, hiding the DVD deep away in a cluttered drawer and trying to make myself forget where it is so I can keep up with life in general as well as blogging.

Anyways, The Pastime has been putting up further results of his A's offseason Round Table, of which Condition Oakland was a participant, covering a number of questions for A's fans everywhere.

Part IV can be found here and covers the question: Can Mike Piazza adjust to the differences of being a DH facing American League pitchers?

My reply was: hopefully. Blez was also hopefuly with a healthy amount of caution, most of the other participants seemed satisfied that Piazza could do it.

Part V can be found here and covers the question: Is Oakland's defense as good as most people assume, or is it overrated?

I think it's easily as good as most people assume and most of the participants agree on this point.

Part VI can be found here and covers the question: Are we at the end of the steroids era, or just the dawn of the HGH era in baseball?

I was surprised that some participants simply didn't care too much about the issue, a lot of varied opinions on this one.

Thanks again to Ryan @ The Pastime for including Condition Oakland in his roundtable discussion - we'd love to participate in something like this again.


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