Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Pastime: 2007 Pitching Projections

And just like that, The Pastime has just posted his 2007 Pitching Projections based again on combining the projections from 4 systems (PECOTA, ZiPS, CHONE, Bill James).

I was surprised to see that no one is very high on Chad Gaudin, who came out of nowhere to pitch solidly all season long as one of the A's best relievers. I'm also hoping Joe Blanton can pitch better than projected and Rich Harden can do better than 131 innings. Loaiza is surprisingly projected to have a great year (compared to last year's dismal numbers) and Huston Street projects to have an awesome season.

Head on over to The Pastime for the complete list.

UPDATED: Even better, he has now included weighted versions of the same lists, weighing them in accordance with how well each projection system performed in 2006.
Weighted Batters
Weighted Pitchers


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