Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mike Piazza signing imminent?

According to this article from the Contra Costa Times, which is really about Geren, we find this little tidbit:

The A's once again made little hard news -- though it now appears it's only a matter of "when" not "if" the team signs Mike Piazza --

And this:

Late Tuesday, the A's continued to be the leaders in the Piazza pursuit, and one major-league executive called the free agent's signing "imminent."

One industry source said the A's have offered Piazza a two-year deal for about $15 million, and that their chief competition, the Texas Rangers, have abandoned their pursuit. The Los Angeles Angels, mentioned by one source Monday as a possible suitor, were never all that interested, another source said Tuesday.

And Blez spells out his reasons why Piazza may or may not work out.

Apparently the expectation is that Piazza will DH with the occasional catching duty. Forget catching period - he should do nothing but hit. And get rid of Melhuse and bring in Jeremy Brown as the back up catcher. Kendall should be the primary catcher with Jeremy Brown backing him up. I don't think Jeremy Brown is our future catcher, but if he can get some solid at bats under his belt and play passable defense he could be used as effective trade fodder down the stretch. The A's farm system has a number of catching prospects, with some of them, like Kurt Suzuki, most likely to develop into better players than Brown.


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