Sunday, November 26, 2006

Still travelling - very limited internet access

I am still travelling, but will be back to the U.S. and will resume regular blogging this weekend. Been trying to stay on top of the A's news, no big surprise, Geren is indeed the manager. I don't think Geren is a bad choice, at least the players know him pretty well and he had a lot of success managing in the minor leagues. But by delaying what many thought was the inevitable, Beane simply made the whole lenghty process seem like an orchestrated charade.

Thomas leaving is disappointing, I had a lot of hope that Beane and Thomas would be able to come to some kind of terms. But Beane was right to let him go to Toronto for more money - Thomas had an incredible year in Oakland, but he is still a high risk player, both because of his age and his bad ankle.

Which leads me to Bonds, news of which I first dismissed as merely rumor, but then shocked to find that the A's are seriously considering him. Let me simply say that regardless of the talent Bonds brings to a team, that is some serious baggage that is simply not worth any price tag. I am hoping that someone else will offer Bonds a much better price and he will stay away from the A's. If Bonds becomes a member of the A's, I am not sure what I will do come 2007. My gut reaction would be to simply stop supporting the A's entirely and this blog would turn into some kind of "fire Beane/Wolff" rant until they got rid of Bonds, however I'll wait to see if this becomes reality before deciding what to do, but needless to say I will be very upset and extremely disappointed in the A's front office if that happens.

Anyways, hang in there, regular posting to resume in about 1 week.


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