Monday, December 04, 2006

Mike Piazza - new A's DH?

I'm beginning to have my doubts about Piazza becoming the new A's DH now that teams like Texas and the Angels are interested in him, who will almost assuredly drive the price for the aging and declining super-star well beyond the A's range. However, if the A's can manage to pick him up for a 1-year deal (Barton is waiting in the wings) similar to Thomas, I think he would fit in nicely. Let's take a quick look at some numbers:

2006: 0.283 BA / 0.342 OBP / 0.501 SLG / 0.843 OPS / 22 HR / 19 2B / 1 3B / 34 BB / 66 K
Career: 0.309 BA / 0.379 OBP / 0.551 SLG / 0.930 OPS / 419 HR / 741 BB / 1052 K

While it's been 5 years since Piazza breached the 0.300 level for BA and 2006 marked his best year in OPS since 2003, Piazza has shown he can still hit for decent average with some above average power and passing plate discipline. While Piazza doesn't seem to walk too much he also, like many A's hitters, doesn't strike out too much either, which means he is usually making contact, always a good attribute in my humble opinion.

Another nice tidbit of information: He absolutely clobbers LHP to the tune of 0.312 / 0.406 / 0.530 averaged over his last 3 seasons and 0.359 / 0.421 / 0.650 in 2006.

Piazza, while probably not contributing at the same level as The Big Hurt, would still be a nice addition to the A's DH spot while Barton gets in a solid year at AAA Sacto.


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