Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Pastime: 2007 Offensive Projections

The Pastime has put together a great piece of work that must have taken considerable time and effort: combining 4 different projection systems (PECOTA, ZiPS, CHONE, Bill James) into one unified projection of the A's offense for 2007. Because, as he puts it, "I figure it’s better to have four experts reach a compromised consensus on how something will turn out, than to rely on just one or another." Dude, you have outdone yourself and you are spoiling A's fans - you know come 2008 I will be looking for the same thing from you again.

I haven't had time to look over the data he used and how he analyzed it to come up with his projections, but you can see the results by clicking on over to his website here. He also cross-posted his link in a diary at Athletics Nation, which you can find here. Like him, I have always been a Dan Johnson fan and was also surprised to see how high he projects. I like the addition of Mike Piazza but was never too high on him, but if he can hit 16 2B and 15 HR in roughly 300 AB then I will be more than happy. Most of the players projections are not too surprising, although I am personally a little higher on some than others.

Anyways, this is an invaluable service, be sure to head on over to The Pastime, take a look, and thank him for all his work. Can't wait to see the pitcher projections.


Anonymous Ryan Armbrust said...

Hey, I'm more than happy to try and give A's fans a little bit of useful info. And yes, the day PECOTA and ZiPS come out in 2008, I'll do the same thing, only it will hopefully be improved even more by then.

2:09 PM  

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