Monday, January 15, 2007

Erstad to the A's? UPDATE: Not happening

UPDATE: As per Ken Rosenthal at FOX Sports, it ain't happening.

Ok, somewhat old news, but once again I was out of town last week and had no access to a computer or the internet. (Being an internet junkie that was not an easy thing to cope with). Anyways, the big news recently is that Darin Erstad of the Angels has been offered a one year contract with the A's.

While some A's fans are skeptical of this move and some are downright hateful, I think it's a smart move on the A's part, provided the contract is relatively cheap, as it will only add to the A's depth. With the rash of injuries the A's experienced last season, both at the major AND minor league levels, depth is needed and is one of the reasons the A's had yet another successful year and made the playoffs in 2006. While not a fun problem to deal with, having too many players to fill a limited number of positions is better when injuries come rolling around. Hopefully the A's won't have to deal with the injury bug like they did in 2006 and can keep their key players in the field, but should anyone go down they should have plenty of more than adequate backups to fill in the gaps:

CF - Mark Kotsay, Milton Bradley, Darin Erstad
LF - Nick Swisher, Bobby Kielty, Darin Erstad, Milton Bradley
RF - Milton Bradley, Nick Swisher, Darin Erstad
3B - Eric Chavez, Antonio Perez, Marco Scutaro (slim chance, but still an option)
SS - Bobby Crosby, Marco Scutaro, Antonio Perez
2B - Mark Ellis, Marco Scutaro
1B - Dan Johnson, Nick Swisher, Mike Piazza, Darin Erstad, Erubiel Durazo
C - Jason Kendall, Adam Melhuse, Mike Piazza

As for Erstad's numbers, the offense isn't too pretty, but then again neither was Jay Payton's when he first came over, although I like Payton's overall numbers better than Erstad's. One thing not to overlook is Erstad's defense, which is above average. While Erstad will most likely be used as a situational and back up player, he is more than adequate for the role and this move would only add to the A's already significant depth.


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