Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Pastime: Round Table Part I

The Pastime has put together a round table of sorts to discuss some questions about the A's as we get ready for the 2007 season. He was gracious enough to invite Condition Oakland to participate and I am honored to be considered among such a fine group of A's fans and bloggers. The five questions we were asked to discuss are as follows:

- In your opinion, what is the is the key factor that the A’s season will hinge on in 2007?

- Bobby Crosby - Is he an injury-prone bust, or can he rebound to approach the Rookie of the Year expectations?

- How much will this team miss Barry Zito, in terms of pitching and/or leadership?

- Can Mike Piazza adjust to the differences of being a DH facing American League pitchers?

- Is Oakland’s defense as good as most people assume, or is it overrated?

- Are we at the end of the steroids era, or just the dawn of the HGH era in baseball?

Today he posted Part One of his round table, where you can find my humble answer amongst the others. From reading everyone's answers, it seems the common consensus is health, primarily Rich Harden's, and pitching.

I want to thank The Pastime for including me in his project, keep checking out his site for further updates to the Round Table discussion.


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