Wednesday, September 01, 2004

September Call Ups

A's Y'all has an interesting post on possible September call ups from the A's minor league system. He predicts that Esteban German - who was with the A's at the beginning of this season and got some playing time when Chavez was injured - will almost assuredly get called up. He also predicts Jairo Garcia, Nick Swisher, and Mike Rivera will be called up.

German is no surprise, he played in 21 games this year and had 52 at bats. As a rookie, not playing everyday, with a limited 52 at bats, his numbers weren't half bad :

0.231 BA / 0.273 OBP / 0.288 SLG / 0 HR / 6 RBI / 1 triple / 1 double

The numbers aren't too impressive, but again with such a small number of at bats it is hard to tell how good or bad a player is offensively. One thing to note : he had a 0.966 fielding percentage at 3B and a 1.00 fielding percentage at 2B.

But to get a better idea of what kind of player German is, let's look at his Minor League numbers. Currently for the season at AAA-Sacramento, German is having a great season :

Sacramento Rivercats 2004:
0.329 BA / 0.380 OBP / 0.424 SLG / 0.804 OPS / 2 HR / 29 RBI / 19 BB / 28 SO / 18 SB / 2 CS / 90% successfully Steal Rate

His HR and RBI count is low, but that is because of his 231 at bats with the Rivercats, thanks to beginning the season with Oakland instead of Sacramento. German can run like the wind and has a nice stolen base total to go with his successful steal rate. He can hit for average, but tends to strike out a bit too much. He has a career minor league BA of 0.295 and 328 stolen bases with a successful steal rate of 94%.

I've watched German play and he is one fast runner. I have seen him hit routine ground balls that turned into hits because the opposing team simply couldn't beat him to the bag. However, I know how Billy Beane and the organization feel about base stealing : they simply don't go for it. It will be interesting to see how they play German during September and the playoffs. If German performs well, then I expect to see him on the bench with Scutaro come 2005 as both of them can fill in at any of the infield positions.

UPDATE : Almost immediately after posting this, German indeed has been called back up to the A's roster.


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