Friday, October 01, 2004

Game 160 : A's vs Angels - best 2 out of 3

I managed to score some free tickets to tonight's game (YAY!) and was looking forward to an exciting game.

Boy was I disappointed. Mulder lasted 2 innings giving up 4 runs in the second. The play that made me hang my head in shame was watching Mulder fall flat on his stomach trying to field a bunt up the middle that he only managed to roll slowly toward Hatteberg at first base. It was embarassing.

But, my hopes lifted watching Blanton work his way through scoreless inning after scoreless inning only to watch him load the bases after 3 innings of work. In comes an Angels batter with a 0.151 batting average and 2 outs - and what does he do? Smacks a grand slam.

The rest of the game was just painful to watch.

If the A's continue to play ball like they have the rest of the month of September, there is no way they will get through this weekend and into the playoffs. They need to treat this like a playoff situation and stop pretending like "it's just another game". Their attitude to the press and off the field is so nonchalant. I know they are trying to keep a cool face on the situation, but dammit, they need to buck up and show some urgency.


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