Monday, December 06, 2004

Today's news - Monday 12-6-04

As can be expected, everyone is all abuzz about Tim Hudson and his throwing down of the gauntlet, demanding a deal by March 1st or he will walk after the 2005 season.

John Shea at the SF Chronicle thinks it is inevitable that Hudson will now be traded before the season starts, probably for another top bat in the line up and a new starter.

Blez at Athletics Nation agrees. Paul Cohen (Hudson's agent) also believes a trade is possible. Billy Beane says there is no reason to panic - he has seen all this before, besides he has more pressing needs in offering salary arbitration to Jermaine Dye, Mark Ellis, Erubiel Durazo, Eric Byrnes, Octavio Dotel, and Chad Bradford before the December 20th deadline. Elephants in Oakland says big freakin' deal to the Hudson deadline and lists a number of reasons why not to keep him and 1 big reason why we should keep him.

On to other news, Chavez for some reason feels for Jason Giambi and theorizes that possibly media and fan pressure contribute to athletes' steroid use. Now would be a good time for Chavez to shut up and jump this sinking ship that is Jason Giambi.

Check out Mychael Urban's Monday Mailbag on a regular basis. For those of you who don't know, Mychael Urban is the beat writer for the Oakland A's and also the author of the soon to be released book "Aces" about the Oakland big 3 pitchers of Hudson, Mulder, and Zito. Mychael Urban is one of the best sources for info on the big 3 as he has spent the last year following their daily lives as an Oakland A's picture. In this week's mailbag, Mychael says the reason for Hudson's deadline is simple - communication. He wasn't getting any and simply wants to know what the A's plans for him are. He also says you can forget about the A's offering Jermaine Dye anything. It is not just a matter of money - Nick Swisher is ready to be an everyday player.


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