Monday, October 04, 2004

It's over - 1 win too late

The A's finished off their season yesterday with a meaningless win. They beat the Angels to finish out the regular season just 1 game behind the Angels.

It will be a long winter to ponder what went wrong with the A's and what they will do in the off season to fix things. Already, rumors are flying that Macha's job is in jeopardy , Jermaine Dye claims he wants to stay with the A's, and according to an article on the A's website, only 9 players can count themselves safe with the A's : Chavez, Hudson, Mulder, Harden, Kotsay, Crosby, Swisher, Melhuse, and (shudder) Rincon. Notice somebody absent from that list ? That's right : Zito. The Zito trade rumors have begun again.

I think we should hang onto the big 3 no matter what. Yes, Zito has been inconsistent all season long and even last season wasn't looking too hot. But he seemed to pull himself together the last month of the season and he did pitch some big games here and there. We have club options on him through 2006. I say hang onto him for at least 1 more year.

I know a lot of people aren't too keen on Redman, but he is a capable # 5 starter. On any other team he would probably be a # 3 or # 4 starter. He has only been with us 1 season and has 1 year of guaranteed money left on his deal, I say we keep him. If he could just marginally improve his numbers at home next season, he would be a capable starter.

There are rumors of The Duke being traded to a team that needs a starter. This would be a huge mistake. The Duke was the anchor of the bullpen this season and he single handedly carried it through the first few months of the season. Did I mention he is cheap ?

Blanton could easily become our next starter after Redman leaves. I say put him in the bullpen with The Duke as another long reliever.

Anyways, I'll save most of my thoughts for another post on what I think needs to be done in the offseason and also another upcoming post I will outline my favorite A's players of the season.


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