Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Old news : Dave Hudgens gets canned

Old news, but I am still catching up. Last week Billy Beane fired A’s hitting coach Dave Hudgens. I say fired because that is exactly what it was, even though the article takes pains to point out that Hudgens will be given a chance to stay with the organization. Yeah, right, not after being fired by Beane :

"It'd be really hard to go back," Hudgens told MLB.com by phone Monday night while driving from Oakland to Southern California. "This isn't sitting too well with me right now."

Hudgens said he met Monday morning with general manager Billy Beane, who informed him of the decision.

"Billy had his perception of the job I did, and I disagreed with his perception," Hudgens said. "It wasn't a very happy meeting. Obviously."

Beane didn't speak with any of the players about the move, either.

"I think that's probably what bothers me the most," Hudgens said. "I asked him if he'd talked to [Eric] Chavez or [Mark] Ellis or [Nick] Swisher, or [Jason] Kendall or [Mark] Kotsay] or any of the guys. He said he didn't need to talk to them."

Ouch. Can’t blame Hudgens for not wanting to come back, hope he can find a job elsewhere. Still, while I don’t blame Hudgens completely, he should shoulder some of the blame for the hot and cold offense this year as well as some of the worst situational hitting in the league :

Home Runs – 155 – 9th in the league

BA – 0.262 – 12th in the league

OPS – 0.737 – 10th in the league

BARISP – 0.273 – 5th if the league

BA with Bases Loaded - 0.211


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