Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Interview with Billy Owens, Director of Player Personnel

Over at Athletics Nation. Read the whole thing. I enjoyed his comments on some of the A's current players:

On Eric Chavez:
Chavez plays an extremely tough position at Gold Glove-caliber so his 25-30
homers annually with 100 rbi's is special. I know we are all looking for that
super breakout year from Chavez but in reality what he's done so far in his
career is borderline historical.

On free swinger Jay Payton:
Jay Payton likes to swing the bat and he makes contact when he does so that
limits his walks. He is also a guy with some power. He hit 16 homers for us in
limited action. He hit 28 homers one year in Colorado. He plays very good
defense. Plus he is a tremendous character guy. He was hurt so much early in his
career coming up with the Mets that he still has a ZEST for the game of a
teenager. So in our position last year he was a no-brainer. We are elated
to have him whether he walks or not.

On the question of anyone in the minor league organization that we should keep our eyes on:
Justin Sellers is a guy that is currently under the radar that will not be
after this year. Slick fielder that is small but he can hit and play.


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