Thursday, April 06, 2006

They've earned their paychecks

Well, we're now 2 (I'm in denial about the first game) games into the season, and the A's have done very well. After a great 2nd (OK, not that much denial, I'd rather not just talk about it) game first few innings, Harden got rattled a bit and let a few runs go by. Undaunted, the A's rallied back and tied the game to the bottom of the ninth, where Scutaro seemed to do a trademark "where in the world did he pull that maneuver from" fly to deep left which allowed the winning run home. What a game, and all the A's played very well.

As for game 3, after giving up 4 runs early in the game, they rallied back, and with Bradley seemingly dominating the night, tied it up in the 6th. After a round of pitching, the bottom of the 8th inning rolled up. Queue my favorite fantasy baseball pick, Milton Bradley, who proceeds to belt a triple and barely beat the throw at 3rd. Add Scutaro, who was facing an at bat with the bases loaded, again, pulls one out of nowhere and singles in another home. Then, Thomas, just misses by a mere foot the big yellow HR line in the stadium, and clears the bases, as he trotted to 2nd base(yes, trotted). From the evidence of the last 2 games, the team for the most part seems to be firing properly, and running well. Thomas was rather frustrated with his lackluster performance in his first at bats, and was visibly upset in the dugout after striking out twice. The grin on his face was visible from space after driving in those 3 runs, once again, making sure he earns that paycheck.

My top 3 players for the night are Bradley, Scutaro, and Thomas, Bradley for being purely solid, with some great defense and awe inspiring offense. Scutaro, with some impressive hitting, and one snag and throw in the 9th that was unreal, I've never seen a throw made in mid air facing the wrong way from nearly 3rd base nail a runner so close to first before. And Thomas, for simply being who he is, the big hurt, belting that ball the way he does. My not so hot pick for the night: Chavez. I didn't see particularly impressive play from him, and once again, he's doing that trademark Chavez pop out we all know about.

Comments: just 3, 1: We're doing well, I'm seeing a well organized, good group of guys out there. I'm happy so far. 2: Chavez, you're not a slugger, stop trying to be one, hit the ball like you're supposed to, not like you want to be. 3: Frank, for the love of all that is holy, please please please, SLOW DOWN. Every time I see you run I scream at the TV: take it easy, slow down big fella, it's ok, this isn't the iron man. Keep those ankles pure, my welders broken.

That's my wrap on the current A's games, Here's to a strong season, after a decent start.


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