Monday, April 10, 2006

Minnesota Preview 4-11-2006

Tomorrow the A's begin a 3 games series against the talented Minnesota Twins. Don't let the fact that the Twins lost their last 4 games fool you: in my mind, that just means they are due, and this is a ball club that has continued to contend year after year on a limited budget, just like the A's.

Tomorrow Dan Haren faces off against Brad Radke. Both starters sport an ERA of 6.00 and were knocked around a bit their first start of the season, although Haren also managed to strike out 8 batters in his first start.

We'll wait and see what kind of lineup Macha produces once he is finished playing musical chairs with the players. With 4 hits over the past 2 games, including a 2B, hopefully the Mark Ellis of 2005 is back and will possibly bat leadoff, although I feel perfectly comfortable with Mark Kotsay there, a role he hit very well in back in 2004. I'm glad to see Crosby back in the lineup and hopefully he can produce in the number 3 spot. It would be nice if Frank Thomas were able to get locked in on these next 3 games.


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