Saturday, October 21, 2006

Macha Beane moment via Tim Kawakami @ The Mercury blog

broncobert over at Athletics Nation just posted a diary linking to this extraordinary Macha-Beane moment remembered by Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News:

Where did we go for the talk? Billy zipped right into Macha’s office, which
was empty for the time being, plopped down and started eating.

Looked at me, said, “Go ahead, ask.” Usually, everybody stays
out of the manager’s office, by the way, unless the manager is there and
is fine with it. Not the A’s way, though.

I started asking, but a few minutes later Macha and Curt
Young came back, with plates of food and just in their underwear, obviously
looking to eat, change clothes and relax.

They stared at us, I stared at them, Billy just kept eating and

Macha tenatively sat down behind his desk for a few seconds. Very
uncomfortable. Shot another glance at Beane. Glared at me. I shrugged, said
to Beane, “Umm, maybe we should do this somewhere

Beane looked up like this was the first he’d noticed Macha was there–or
cared that he was there–dropped his plate, then just waved at Macha, pointing
him out the door. Remember, this was Macha’s own office. After winning
for something like the 33rd time in 40 games.

“Ken, you can let us do this, right?” Beane said as he
waved. Beane turned back to me and never looked at Macha again
as Macha and Young sighed, got up, and moved out.

I think Beane is a great manager but that is just plain rude. If he really felt this little about Macha - or any manager for that matter - it's no wonder Macha had a "disconnect" with the front office.


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