Tuesday, October 25, 2005

2006 A's Roster : Preview

1-17-06 - A's sign 1 year deals with Adam Melhuse and Juan Cruz

1-11-2006 - A's agree to terms with Bradley and Calero for 2006

1-9-2006 - A's sign Bobby Kielty to 1 year deal

12-19-2005 - A's sign Joe Kennedy to 1 year deal

12-13-2005 - A's trade Andre Ethier to Dodgers for OF Milton Bradley and IF Antonio Perez

12-5-2005 - A's acquire RHP Chad Gaudin from the Blue Jays

11-28-2005 - A's sign SP Esteban Loaiza to 3 year contract

11-2-2005 - A's agree to terms with Jay Witasick through 2007.

Check this post often for updates. I will put it in the main links section for easy access.

Under Contract

C - Jason Kendall (through 2007)
3B - Eric Chavez (through 2010)
CF - Mark Kotsay (through 2008)
SP - Barry Zito (through 2006 (club option))
OF - Jay Payton (through 2006 (club option))
SP - Rich Harden (through 2008)
SS - Bobby Crosby (through 2009)
SP - Danny Haren (through 2009)
SP - Esteban Loaiza (through 2008)
RP - Jay Witasick (through 2007)
OF - Milton Bradley (through 2006)
RP - Joe Kennedy (through 2006)
OF - Bobby Kielty (through 2006)
RP - Kiko Calero (through 2006)
RP - Juan Cruz (through 2006)
C - Adam Melhuse

Arbitration Eligible
2B - Mark Ellis

Under Club Control
RP - Justin Duchscherer
IF - Marco Scutaro
IF - Antonio Perez
OF - Charles Thomas
SP - Joe Blanton
OF - Nick Swisher
RP - Huston Street
RP - Kirk Saarloos
RP - Ron Flores
RP - Britt Reames
OF - Jermaine Clark
1B - Dan Johnson
IF - Freddie Bynum
RP - Jairo Garcia
IF - Hiram Bocachica
OF - Matt Watson
RP - Chad Gaudin

The above list is by no means complete or even 100% correct. A big hat tip to Cot's Baseball Contracts and MLB4U , whose sites I used to get most of the contract info found above.

Please feel free to advise any corrections and/or additions so I can keep this list as correct and up-to-date as possible. Also, I invite anyone and everyone to advise how many years are left in both the Arbitration Eligible and Under Club Control lists. My goal is to make this list the most detailed and up-to-date potential 2006 A's roster one can find.


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cool site. and i'm tellin' ever one. sometimes the A's seem like a boat on a hill, never going to sea. maybe billy will pull the right strings and we'll finally have a new dream, be on the winning team and sleep our way through hell and win the WS!!!!!

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