Thursday, October 20, 2005

Delayed News - Sorry - The great Bill King has passed away

Everyone else already knows and has already commented, I am behind the curve.

From Athletics Nation.
Bill King was Oakland A's baseball. King is a legend and will always
be remembered as such. His trademarked "Holy Toledo!" and Hawaiian shirts
were as much a part of him as his willingness to speak his mind. Anyone
who listened to King knew that he was never shy about sharing his thoughts on
such abominations as interleague play or a trip to Texas in August in September.
As a matter of fact, he avoided those things altogether in his later
tenure with the A's. If an A's team wasn't performing on the field, King
never hesitated to make a joke or call them on it.

From the Oakland A's Official Website.
"We are deeply saddened by Bill's passing," said A's president Michael
Crowley. "He was arguably the most recognizable voice in the history of Bay Area
broadcasting." will post a "Fans' Tribute to Bill King"
next week. If you'd like to submit your favorite King memory for submission, click here.
Also the play-by-play
announcer for the San Francisco/Golden State Warriors from 1962-83, and for the
Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders from 1966-92, King was a rarity among announcers who
balanced play-by-play duties with three major sports franchises simultaneously.
In all, he spent five decades thrilling fans with his vivid descriptions of some
of the most historic moments the Bay Area's pro sports.
"One would be
hard-pressed to find an announcer who served as the lead play-by-play voice for
three major sports franchises for as long as Bill," Crowley said.

From Elephants in Oakland.
Just a reminder that Baseball Prospectus has scheduled a pizza feed Gary
Huckabay on November 2nd in Walnut Creek. The cost is $50 and the proceeds go
towards the Warren W. Eukel Teacher Trust. Huckabay will be presenting a paper,
"Player Performance and Contract Valuation". Those who attend will also receive
a copy of the paper. Worth more than the $50. You must RSVP.All other Elephants
in Oakland projects are on hold for the remainder of the week. But I will pop in
with some information if occurs and try to keep the links for Bill King tributes
up to date.


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