Friday, April 21, 2006

4-21-2006: vs Angels

For the first time this season, Oakland faces their perennial rival, the Los Angeles Angels of Disneyland. We'll see if mighty Rich Harden can keep Vlad and the other Angels' bats in check while the A's offense (what offense?) takes on John Lackey.

Lackey may have a higher ERA and fewer K's than Harden, but he has only walked 2 batters so far this season.

Will post the lineups and more details later.

Here's the lineups:
Ellis (0.188)
Kotsay (0.278)
Crosby (0.213)
Chavez (0.296)
Thomas (0.192)
Bradley (0.291)
Swisher (0.321)
Kendall (0.225)
Johnson (0.029)

I am convinced Macha has no clue how to create a lineup. Johnson should be in AAA, not Kielty, and Ellis has yet to prove himself in the leadoff spot, not to mention any other spot in the lineup. Crosby has no business in the number 3 spot, and I am perplexed as to why some sports writers picked him to win the MVP award. Give me a full uninjured season, impeccable defense, hit better than 0.250, get on base at a consistent 0.360 clip, and mash 30+ HR, and then maybe, just maybe, I might consider you a bonafide star - but still not MVP.

Figgins (0.269)
Cabrera (0.311)
Guerrero (0.365)
Anderson (0.279)
Erstad (0.283)
Izturis (0.333)
Kotchman (0.176)
Mathis (0.148)
Kennedy (0.388)

Guerrero has a monstrous batting average but has also struck out 9 times with only 1 walk. I like Figgins, but with 13 strike outs and a 0.296 OBP, I also have to question why he is batting leadoff.

Anyways, I am off to watch the game, will update later.

What a game! Rich Harden pitched 8 innings, looking less than perfect, but still pretty good. He only struck out 2 and managed 12 ground outs - good job!

I was surprised at Lackey, who is a pretty good pitcher. He made up for his lack of walks tonight by issuing 7, that's 7, to the A's.

I've been critical of Swisher's plate discipline, but tonight he was on base 4 times with 3 walks and 1 HBP.

Chavez hit his 7th HR of the season and Kendall actually managed an extra base hit!

But what made this game so crazy was the way it ended. With runners on the corner, Calero struck out Mathis and threw to second to nail Quinlan. The throw wasn't in time, but Mathis got in the way, with Kendall's hand hitting Mathis. 3rd out, end of the game.


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