Wednesday, April 12, 2006

April 12, 2006: vs Minnesota Twins

The A's are hoping Loaiza's horrid first start are behind him as they take the mound today against the Twins. Here are the lineups:

2B Ellis
CF Kotsay
SS Crosby
3B Chavez
RF Bradley
DH Payton
LF Swisher
1B Johnson
C Melhuse

LF Stewart
2B Castillo
C Mauer
DH White, R
CF Hunter
1B Morneau
3B Batista
RF Kubel
SS Castro

Will update as the game progresses...

Bottom 3rd inning:
Well, looks like Loaiza has picked up right where he left off from his first start. He just gave up a big 3-run HR to Morneau after walking 2 batters in the inning. He followed that up by allowing a hit to Batista. His pitch count is already at 65.

Update: I missed the first 2 1/2 innings, looks like Swisher hit a double for 2 RBI and Melhuse followed up with a solid single RBI.

Top 4th inning:
Alrrrrrright! Swisher just tied up the game with a nice HR, his second of the season.
Although Silva has allowed 4 runs, same as Loaiza, he is throwing fewer pitches and also has 5 groundouts to Loaiza's 1.

Bottom 4th:
Joe Mauer just put the Twins ahead with a sacrifice fly. Dammit!

Bottom 5th:
I know it is only his second start of the season and I shouldn't lose patience, but Loaiza just gave up another HR, this time to Torii Hunter.
Loaiza now sports an 11.42 ERA and has given up 3 HR in just 8 2/3 innings pitched with only 1 strikeout. Oh, and he has a nice fat $21.375 million contract.
Update: Loaiza is out, Halsey is in.
Update: Halsey pitches a scoreless inning, but does give up a walk.

Top 6th:
Quick inning, but Swisher did hit a bullet of a HR, his 3rd and second tonight. The A's are still in this game......

Problems with Blogger, couldn't access the blog.
Calero took over from Halsey, didn't allow any runs.
Kennedy took over from Calero, gave up a single to Batista after striking out Morneau. Bottom of the 7th......

Game over. Once again, the Twins won by just 1 point, and once again a poor performance from Loaiza pretty much did the A's in. On the bright side, Swisher was 3 for 4, I believe, with 2 HR.

Tomorrow we will see if the A's can manage to leave Minnesota with some dignity. Hopefully Blanton can repeat his performance from last week.


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